When 200 is not OK sm


LinkScrubber Uncovers Hidden Link Rot

When 200 is not OK sm

LinkScrubber specializes in cleaning hard to find external link rot overlooked by other link checkers. Domains frequently transition, often to domain parks (or worse), which still return a good status code making traditional link checkers display misleading false positives. LinkScrubber solves this pervasive problem by analyzing many factors, including the actual page content, to determine if the domain is no longer in service.

LinkScrubber's external link checking identifies:

  • Domain Parks
  • Cash Parking
  • Expired Registration Redemption Pages
  • Default Control Panel Pages
  • Suspended Accounts
  • Soft 404s
  • Default Server Pages
  • Pharma Hacked Pages
  • Injection Exploit Scripts (some variations)
  • and much more!

Register to be an alpha tester!

Join our alpha testing by sending your email request to "register" @ this domain and include the URL of the site you want link checked if you're approved.

New exclusive 404-like page detection!

LinkScrubber's new 404-like detection identifies almost all sites that go under construction, revert to single screen images or "our site is closed" types of pages, including crashed scripts rendering sites inactive and much more. The number of sites returning "200 OK" which aren't is simply amazing, so clean your links and stop amazing your visitors with links to bad sites.

Redirect Extreme - Beyond the 301

Many transitioned sites now start with a "200 OK" and use other tricks to redirect to stay off the link checkers radar. LinkScrubber will follow redirects beyond the obvious 301 and 302, including meta refresh and even many JavaScript redirects until the source is found when possible. Additionally, this complete audit trail is optionally available per URL.

We do Frames!

LinkScrubber even examines some frames on a page to make sure a frameset isn't pointing to a bunch of dead pages. Most tools stop looking at the initial page returned which is "200 OK" with a frameset. However, the frames themselves can link to dead sites or worse, nothing good you want linked to your site.